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הצטרף בתאריך: Aug 20, 2012
הודעות: 277
מיקום: תל אביב

הודעהנשלח: 16:40 ,15 נובמבר 2015, א'    כותרת הודעה: SEOW ITALY MISSION 5 תגובה עם ציטוט

משימה 5

להלן התדריך באנגלית

Hyperloby server name: SEOW_Italy_1943
Server game IP:
TS3 IP: password: pass
Mission start time: 21:30h CEST (ZULU 20:30h), 15.11.2015
Game version: IL2 4.12.2m HSFX7.03
JSGME Settings (turn ON in this order):
-HSFX history
-Expert Mode
-EFFECTS Low ( optional, it will help with FPS if close to ships )

Change also in conf.ini in your game folder:

Mission details:
Date: 15/10/1943,
Time: 08:00h
Forecast Visibility: Poor with cloud base at 1700 m.
Forecast Wind: 14 kmh from 251° with weak gusts and no turbulence

Mission objective:
Good day Chaps,
In this mission we will focuse all our power in destroying enemy units in Bari and Potenza CP, and stoping enemy bringing reinforcments there.
We will have some small CAP over our ships bringing suplys and train transporting fuel. Also we will try to collect some VP by destroying bridges and factorys.
Our task force with 4 carriers wwill also start to move in area north of Sicily.
Here are your mission tasks;

2x P-39N, TS3 channel Red 1, flight leader IAF_Alon set whisper to Red 2 and Red 3 channel ( 2xIAF )
Loadout: 1x500lbs
Take off from Matera ( BK23 ), land at same base.
2x Hurribombers IIc, TS3 channel Allied Flight Red 1, ( 2xIAF )
Loadout: 2x500lbs
Take off from Matera ( BK23 ), land at same base.
1x Spitfire MKVcw, TS3 channel Red 2, ( 1xIAF )
Loadout: Default
Take off from Matera ( BK23 ), land at same base.
1x Spitfire MkIX TS3 channel Red 2, ( 1xIAF )
Loadout: 1xDT
Take off from Matera ( BK23 ), land at same base.
Primary destroy enemy Panzer HQ column in BH25, maybe it will be moving on road to Bari.
Then destroy 2xPak40 and 4xMortar units in BH24np9, also check whats that question mark in BH24np8 south of airbase, we think its 3xPzIV going to Bari.
If you still are ok and have ammo help kill flak on airbase in Bari.
Remenber with Hurri bombers 4x20mm you can destroy PzIV tanks by shooting in tracks from side, with P-39N also with 1x37mm, also you can destroy tanks from abow aiming to engine. Arty guns always attack from behined for best effect. Check picture 1.
Spit fighters cover your bombers, in case enemy fighters show up, fight them over our flaks in BI24np1.

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