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הצטרף בתאריך: Aug 20, 2012
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מיקום: תל אביב

הודעהנשלח: 16:52 ,23 אפריל 2014, ד'    כותרת הודעה: OPERATION TAIFUN-אחים לנשק התכוננו להגן על המולדת תגובה עם ציטוט

זהו נוסך הקריאה של STUNTMAN מטייסת EAF -331 :

Dear VVS pilots! Comrades! Proud Brothers and Sisters of the Soviet states! Liberators of our great motherland!

I want to make this campaign memorable. Not just through amazing gameplay and large-scale organized teamwork we all love with SEOW. But before the campaign even starts, I want to give you all a memorable taste of being there, on the Moscow front for real.

Fighting for everything you stand and care for: your friends, family and loved ones, your duty being called upon you. For the town where you were born and lived your normal life, in the country you love and the values it stands for. For all that they have taken away from you, that you will fight a just war to get back. I want to create morale boosting and atmospheric movies and propaganda bulletins that will inspire us to face our challenges with pride and passion!

I want to make something special, that will set us into the mood, that will make us embrace this historical event. More so than just a game re-enactment, but as part of our lives as virtual pilots, re-living one of the most pivotal historical events in the 20th century.

To make this happen, I need your help to find and share me as much media from this period that you know of. I'm talking about the whole period from the start of the Great Patriotic War on 22 June 1941 - to the end of Battle of Moscow in January 1942. Audio recordings like speeches, bulletins, radio etc. Video like propaganda footage, newsreels, bulletins, combat footage, front footage etc. Gladly so from both sides, not just Soviet or Russian but German/Axis as well.

Anything that could make my movies, propagandas and campaign bulletins as authentic and emotional as possible!

Thank you for reading and I hope you may find something useful to share. smile.gif

Forward to victory!
Knut / Stuntman
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